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It’s the mission of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Museum. And through the Museum’s Membership Program, cheesesteak fans from around the country and around the world can help preserve, honor and connect this National Pastime for generations to come, while receiving some great benefits.

But for many, the benefits of Membership cannot be held in their hands. For many, their Membership brings with it the knowledge that they are helping collect the Museum’s artifacts, photographs and documents so that their children and grandchildren can remember the greatness of Philadelphia Cheesesteaks.

For others, Membership means helping choose the Hall of Fame to honor the best of the best through annual elections and awards.

And for all of our members, it’s about the connection from one fan to another. It’s about being a part of the celebration of Philadelphia Cheesesteaks.

Every member is preserving history, honoring excellence and connecting generations.

Enjoy. Celebrate. Share.

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Museum celebrates the culinary and cultural heritage of this nationally and internationally  At the Cheesesteak Museum Shop we want every order to be served to you quickly and accurately.If you have any questions about a product please email  our staff at cheesesteakmuseum@comcast.net.

Encourage Brandalism

Culture Jamming is all about fighting big business with big idea designs and statements; disrupt the mainstream & political messages, flip that “Like” thumb’s up into a flippin’ the bird icon. Challenge the mass media mainstream machine through design. Commit “Brandalism” by using the images of consumer culture and the mass media – cameras, billboards, barcodes, #hashtags, “Thank You!” plastic bags, etc. – to comment on consumerism in a satirical fashion.

Use your design skills to subvert, critique, and give your art a voice and a purpose!

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