Complaints on the world wide web about the long lines, high costs, and disorganization at last weeks Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival are running rampent as Cheesesteak Fans were left with few samples and tired legs.    “Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival was a scam and We Want our Money back” and “2015 Philly Cheesesteak Festival Cluster” Facebook groups have hundreds of members and the size is growing.  Alex Kalivas’s friend posted his NSFW rant and symbolic tshirt burning video.

Richard Rutenberg from The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Museum said,  “my business partner arrived and couldn’t park so he left.  I waited this morning with Steve of Steve’s Prince of Steaks to get in because we weren’t on the list.  He was there to create the world’s longest cheesesteak.   They were really disorganized, and that’s a shame.  We wanted everyone to know about the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Museum and to buy a Limited Edition Philadelphia Cheesesteak Museum tshirt for the holidays.  This day is just another page in cheesesteak history.”


Wayne Cherry commented, “I was at Bacon Fest and people had to wait in long lines there too.  The difference was at Cheesesteak Festival people never got out of line and sat down to eat because there were so many people and the lines were so long.”

Indeed our interaction with the production company was strained and information about the event was difficult to get, but eventually they did return our calls.  Fortunately and I think to everyone’s relief the event went off without any serious injury reported and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation received a nice donation.    We’re hopeful for an even better event next year.